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EST 2014

Noble Cut Distillery

Noble Cut Distillery was founded in 2014 in Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. The distillery was started with the idea to bring true handcrafted spirits to the Ohio liquor market.

Noble Cut derives its name from a process in the distilling of grains where a distiller makes “cuts” to separate unwanted alcohol from the final batch. The hearts cut, also called the Noble Cut, is the most desired cut by distillers. The noble cut is the only spirit from distillation that is used in any Noble Cut product.


Tony Guilfoy

Tony is the Founder and Head Distiller at Noble Cut Distillery. He is constantly seeking inspiration for new twists to age-old spirits. His passion and energy stems from sharing his craft with friends and family. Book a tour today!

Cheers to future friends.



Our culture is in treating everyone we meet as  family. With each of our spirits, we aim high to bring the essence of home to your glass.


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